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This book was started over eight years ago, and perhaps you could say it started when I began my architectural career 27 years ago. Throughout my career, I have learned and practiced the language of classical architecture. Utilizing geometry and proportion to create beautiful spaces. In my research into Nolan's Cross, on Oak Island, I have combined my architectural knowledge, with the lost knowledge of the ancient mysteries. Unlocking the Sacred Knowledge encoded within Nolan's Cross.

For over two hundred years, a treasure search has been ongoing, on a tiny island in Nova Scotia, Canada. No treasure has been found to date, but there have been many interesting discoveries and theories attached with the hunt to date. Author, architect, and researcher Brian Pharoah has studied the ancient mystery teachings, and discovered that encoded within Nolan’s Cross is a hidden language. This language encodes geometry, mathematics, music, and astronomical alignments to the heavens above. The ancients believed in the esoteric saying, As Above, So Below. They were deeply connected to both the Earth and the Cosmos. Living in harmony and balance. The Secrets of Nolan’s Cross is the result of 8 years of research.  Does Nolan’s Cross encode geometrical, mathematical, and musical keys that could unlock the true treasure?


The Secrets that have been discovered in this book, are very compelling. We have lost touch with the Earth, and the Universe. I really enjoyed this book and would recommend to any Oak Island fan.

Frankie Bolder

A new twist on the 200 year old mystery of Oak Island. So many interesting coincidences, can this be the treasure?

Quinn Davis

A must read, for any fan of the TV series The Curse of Oak Island. The book is a journey back in time, into the ancient mystery schools. Very intriguing book.

Sandy Williams


Brian Pharoah

Brian began his architectural career in Toronto, Canada. Brian designed and built custom homes for an exclusive clientele. In 2009, Brian and his family, moved to Muskoka, Ontario. Here Brian designed and constructed some of the finest lake front houses in the area. Having practiced architecture for almost 27 years, Brian has a keen interest and knowledge of classical architecture. Brian, has applied this knowledge to discover the hidden language encoded in Nolan's Cross on Oak Island, Nova Scotia, Canada.

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